Mesquite Furniture

Gustavo Olivas

Mesquite Furniture

Gustavo specializes in creating solid mesquite furniture of all types. He builds tables, chairs, desks, kitchens, & more.

Solid Mesquite

Juniper Creations

Dennis Kaufman

Juniper Furniture

Juniper wood creations such as bars, tables, stools & more, each with a unique shape and color.

Juniper Wood



Wooden Vessels

Hand-turned from naturally fallen trees. Inlaid in turquoise to enhance the design.


Rustic Cabinet

Allen Neese

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic cabinets and benches with a textured look that helps bring a relaxed feel to any room.

Hand Crafted

Ceramic Sculpture

Molly Heizner

Ceramic Scluptures

Southwestern Folk Art: Kachinas, Totems, Animals and more.


Copper Plate

Greg Gowen


Metal art in copper and brass that colors your world and gives you and your family endless enjoyment.

Wall Art

Glass Vase

Jared Davis

Glass Art

Handblown glass of the highest quality using opaque and transparent colors to capture light.

Glass Art

Bronze Sculpture


Bronze Scluptures

Southwestern themed bronze sculptures provide depth and warmth to any room.


Oil on Canvas

Carlos Lopez

Southwestern Art

We have a large selection of paintings by Carlos Lopez. Visit our gallery for the best selection.

Oil on Canvas

Glass Lamp

Mark Hines

Glass Art

Wall hangings, lamps, vases and other handblown glass art for your interior decorating projects.

Wall Art

Copper Fountains

Dan Doolittle

Copper Fountains

Handcrafted 100% copper fountains for indoors or outdoors.

Copper Fountains